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Oakpoint Advisors executes an extensive marketing plan on behalf of the manager. We act as a private placement agent in this capacity. Our team streamlines investor outreach workflows and distributes marketing materials on the manager's behalf throughout the engagement. This process requires us to have an in-depth understanding of the investment and non-investment functions of our managers. Our economic model is designed to align our success with that of our managers. Oakpoint's approach is strategic and selective, partnering with high-caliber, differentiated managers for each capital-raising engagement.  

Success fee based model

Customized Investor Outreach

Investor Status Reports

Update and distribute all investor communication and correspondence

Conduct regular portfolio update calls with investors

Create bespoke reports requested by investors

Create/host quarterly calls/investor letters

Build and maintain the public and private website and online investor portals

Update and maintain robust internal and external databases with all investor interactions

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