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True market insight takes more than experience.  It requires data. 

Oakpoint’s Investor Relations Services is an alternative solution for managers interested in accessing a broad range of prospective investors. Our approach involves our team operating as consultants working on behalf of a manager. Our team will communicate directly with hundreds of targeted investors, creating campaigns and tracking and recording all interactions. Oakpoint’s outreach will be dynamic and leverage technology for a worldwide marketing reach.  

The Issue - ​

  • Minimal Marketing Reach

  • Prospective LP base is enormous and dynamic

  • Not finding the right Investors for you

  • No full time marketing team or manpower

Oakpoint's Solution - 

  • A tailored strategy to drive growth 

  • We do the hard for on behalf of your company

  • Ability to add hundreds of more potential targets to your existing list

  • Continually update target lists and marking campaigns

  • Leverage existing technology to scale and track a worldwide outreach

  • Quarterly reporting and strategy discussions

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